Frequently Asked Questions

Which Versions of Outlook is supported by AkkenCloud Addin?

AkkenCloud Outlook Addin is made solely to use with Desktop Version of outlook. We support Office 365 Version of Outlook, Outlook 2016 Stand Alone and Outlook 2013 Stand Alone versions.

Outlook must be installed on the computer to use AkkenCloud Outlook Addin.

What version of Addin needs to be Installed in my PC (32 bit, 64 bit)?

AkkenCloud Staffing Addin has 32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions to support respective Outlook version. To understand which Addin version version to install, user needs to find Outlook Version. Open Outlook in your computer and click on "File" Menu, now click on "Office Account" Item at left menu bar. Click on "About Outlook". This opens up information about Outlook. Please check the version of outlook either 32 -Bit or 64-Bit. Accordingly, Akken Cloud Addin needs to be installed.

Outlook Addin Sync All/Auto Sync not working. Nothing Reflects in Akken.

In Outlook Addin, Sync All and Auto Sync works according to "Folders that are Opted". This can be checked in "Folder Structure". Please open Outlook and click on "Addins". Under Addins click on "Options" menu and navigate to Folder Structure. Please wait till all the accounts and folders that are configured in outlook to load. Select all the folders to be synced to Akken and click on ok. If this does not help, Please contact Support.

AkkenCloud Outlook Addin is not visible in Addins Section / Outlook Frequently disables AkkenCloud Addin.

This is an usual phenomenon of outlook to disable addins. Please de-active un used Addins from Outlook. Click on File -> Options -> Add-ins. In the bottom left corner, select "Com Add-ins" and click on "Go". Un check all the un used Add-ins and click on OK. To Always Enable AkkenCloud Add-in, Navigate to File. Click on "Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins", Find "AkkenOLS" and click on "Always Enable" Button. If the Add-in is already always enabled, user can not find the button. Now click on "Options" and select "Do not Motiner this add-in for next 30 days", click on "Apply" button. This usually takes a minute to complete the process, click on Close and restart the outlook.

Add-in's Section is not visible in my Outlook.

There is a chance that Add-ins section is disabled by Outlook on the ribbon. Please check if AkkenCloud Add-in is enabled, Click on File -> Options -> Add-ins. Find AkkenOLS in Add-ins, if the Add-in is disabled, Please follow above question. if it is enabled, Please navigate to "Customize Ribbon", in the right section check if "Add-ins" is Checked or not. Check and click on Ok, if not checked.

How to check if an email is synced to AkkenCloud or not?

Outlook Sync provides a feasibility to add custom properties/columns to the reading pane of Outlook. using these properties, user can understand if the email is synced to Akkenloud or not. A detailed explination of how to enable these custom properties/columns is available at "Enabling Custom Columns" section in User Guide menu.

Login issue. You donot have permissions to run this plugin.

OLS provides this message when the user is provided authority to use the add-in. To use OLS, AkkenCloud has two settings which needs to be enabled. They are,

  • AkkenCloud Outlook Sync must be enabled at the backend. (This needs to be done by AkkenCloud Customer Success).
  • Every OLS user must enable Outlook settings under Admin >> User Preferences. As shown in the below image.

  • If the above settings are enabled and the provided credentials match, OLS logs in successfully.

    AK *: Oops! Looks like your session has been logged out. CaptureME, Show Candidate, Show Contact, Associate Problems.

    This error message can be due to below reason.

  • AkkenCloud Outlook Sync does not support Internet Explorer for any of its features. The supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge. Update OLS to latest version would resolve the problem. Installation guide is provided in User Guide menu.
  • CaptureME feature doesnot work.

    CaptureME in OLS is used to create candidates in AkkenCloud using resume attached in an email. A detailed explination of this feature is provided in User Guide section. There are two frequent reasons where users face while working woth CaptureME. They are,

  • Using an older version of OLS. From v2.1.0.0, support for internet explorer has been deprecated by OLS. Since IE is not functional, CaptureME feature does not work as expected. Updating OLS to the lateset version can resolve the issue.
  • Most of the times, CaptureME seems unfunctional due to the "Pop Up Blockers" of the browsers. CaptureME opens a pop up to process the resume and create candidate. If the pop up is blocked, CaptureME functionality stops. User can allow popups from settings of respective browsers.
  • My OLS logs out on its own all of a sudden.

    AkkenCloud Outlook Sync can be logged out in four scenarios. They are,

  • Clicking log out button from Options screen manually.
  • If an Update is available for the Add-in.
  • OLS works with single sign on feature. Which means, at any given point of time a user can be logged in from one PC. Which means, if there is an active login in my work computer and I try login in my Home computer, the active login of the work computer gets logged out to create an active login on the home computer.
  • When there is a prolonged netwrok issue while an auto sync is under process. When an auto sync is being processed by OLS and if the connection between the client and AkkenCloud servers are disrupted by any netwrok problem, OLS tries to establish the connection for a certain number of times and logs off to prevent more damage due to inactivity. User will have to manually log back in to start OLS functioning.
  • My OLD Emails are not syncing in AkkenCloud.

    When the user first installs Outlook Sync on any machine (PC), the date of installation is recorded by the Add-in. Any emails sent or received before this installation date will be skiped by OLS. So, these emails will not be synced to AkkenCloud. If user intended to sync legacy emails also into AkkenCloud, please contact support.

    Does OLS support RDS or Terminal Server Setup?

    Yes, AkkenCloud Outlook Sync supports RDS and Terminal Server setup. To support these, While installing the Add-in on an RDS/Terminal Server, System Administrator should install Administrative edition of the OLS Add-in. Follow the steps provided in the home page of this website. All the users on RDS/Terminal server can access OLS with one Administrative Installation

    AkkenCloud Options drop down is not visible. All other features like sync selected are visible.

    This might occur due to the system configuration and the framework issues. OLS uses .NET Framework v4.6.2 for its functioning. If certain cases, the framework files and DLL's get corrupted or removed by the user/software intervention. To resolve this, installing a dev pack of .NET Framework v4.6.2 re-instantiate the missing DLL's or corrupted files. Following is the URL for intallation file of .NET 4.6.2 dev pack ( The problems does not resolve even after installing dev pack, re-install Outlook would certainly reolve the problem.

    OLS stopped syncing my emails or I don't see emails coming through to AkkenCloud.

    There might be many reasons for emails not flowing in to AkkenCloud. Three of which are provided below.

  • OLS logged out and the auto login feature is not enabled by the user. OLS does not sync if user is not logged in.
  • Folder settings are not configured. Under Addins >> AkkenCloud (drop down) >> Folder Settings. These settings depict if the emails of a perticular folder are to be synced or skipped. More details about folder settings can be found in User Guide menu
  • Most of the times, users will be facing into this problem out of these three. When an email is corrupted or can not be parsed, OLS haults its functionality at that email. Due this, other emails in the queqe can not be processed and there by the email flow from Outlook to AkkenCloud is stopped. In this situation, user must remove the erronous email from the sync queqe. To identify which email is problematic, user must enable exported property/column in the reading pane. A detail of how to enable the properties is explained in User Guide menu. Disable Schedule Sync and click on "Sync All". Now OLS starts gathering all the emails that are not synced to AkkenCloud and starts syncing each email. During the process, if OLS strucks at an email, consider this to be erronous email and close the outlook and open again. Now there is a way to find where OLS has stopped its process. Move to Exported Column and sort the column. Find the first email with empty exported column after a series of "yes". Select first five emails with empty exported columns and click on "Sync Selected". If OLS strucks at any email. Then restart outlook and delete that email from the equation or create a new folder and move this email to that folder. Now do a sync all again. Continue the process untill all the problematic emails are removed from the quequ.
  • How do I see or open Outlook sync logs

    OLS can store two types of logs. One login logs and the other sync logs. Log settings determine if the logs are saved or not by OLS. By default, no logs are saved by OLS. Enabling the log settings is needed. Navigate to Addins >> AkkenCloud >> Settings. To enable log settings in OLS. Saved logs are available at the following location "C://ProgramData/AkkenCloud/OutlookSync". In few cases, program data is a hidden folder. In such cases, User will have to enable hidden folders to view log files.

    Disable black box notifications from Outlook Sync

    Outlook Sync has a mechanism to notify the user about few functional hurdles or problems that are arised while syncing to AkkenCloud. OLS being a background running tool, black box notifications are introduced. These look similar to the windows system notifications. These notifications can be disabled from Internal Settings of OLS. By default, notifications are enabled in OLS. Navigate to Addins >> AkkenCloud >> Settings to disable notifications.

    How to view all the notifications from Outlook Sync

    All the notifications raised by OLS are stored in "Notification Center". Navigate to Addins >> AkkenCloud >> Notification Center. Notification center provides a feasiblity to browse through the older notifications using pagination. Daily pagination is available in notification center. Notifications of past 30 days are available in notification ceter.